Planning Ahead

Of all the ways we can express love, one of the most thoughtful involves funeral planning before the need arises. It’s not always an easy thing to talk about. However, who wouldn’t want to take the needed steps to spare those they love unnecessary hardship and complication?

More and more individuals are sitting down with their funeral director to express their wishes for funeral or memorial services. This is truly a gift to their family. Pre-planning can simply be leaving an outline of the style of service and place of interment desired, or, fully written down details covering music, scripture, flowers, casket, vault, etc. Some families also find peace of mind in pre-paying the funeral they have selected.

At Zahrbock Funeral Services and Cremation we believe that Pre-planning makes sense because:

  • It provides peace of mind
  • Relieves your loved ones of unnecessary concern
  • Reflects your expressed wishes and voids a financial burden on your family.

Common questions about Pre-planning funerals are:

Should I tell my family my specific plans or even involve them in this planning?

Yes, that is most helpful since the more information that is shared between the client, the family and the funeral home then the easier it will be to follow through with ones wishes.

Is there a charge for Pre-planning?

No, funeral directors are pleased to meet with you at any time to discuss your options and assist in starting a file with your wishes.

If I prepay for funeral services what will happen to my money?

In accordance with Minnesota Law all funeral accounts are placed in Irrevocable Funeral Trusts. This means that the funds stay in that account earning interest until the day of the funeral. Furthermore, if one ever needs to apply for Medical Assistance to assist with nursing home care these funds are not considered an asset.

To see other frequently asked questions, visit our Common Questions page.

If you are ready to begin the Pre-planning process, please call Zahrbock Funeral Service and Cremation for an appointment.

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